A month with “watch-payments”

April 2018


Mission: Use my Fitbit Ionic with Fitbit Pay as the primary payment method – for a month.

Each merchant is counted only once (=no duplicates).

Outcome: Gain experience and collect “user journeys” when using “wearables” as payment method.

20 Results:

Positive=11, Negative=9

Date Merchant Result Comment
26.04.2018  #20 – Topup of prepaid card for my workplace restaurant. ok Ingenico


25.04.2018  #19 – DS Louise Restaurant not_ok Verifone VX 680.
No contactless support.louise
25.04.2018  #18 – The local doctors office not_ok Ingenico by NETS – No contactless support.


22.04.2018  #17 – Shell 7-11
ok Ingenico by Payex
20.04.2018  #16 – Esso /
Deli de Luca
not_ok Verifone VX820.
No contactless response – probably som POS terminal issues.
19.04.2018  #15 – Deli de Luca, Holbergs Plass ok Ingenico, OK
15.04.2018  #14 – My local bakery, Samson Bekkestua ok samson
11.04.2018  #13 – My local Taxy company, Asker & Bærum Taxi, by Taxus not_ok Ingenico IPP350. No contactless support.


10.04.2018  #12 – Esso /
Deli de Luca Haslum
not_ok Verifone VX820.

Failed to read watch. Worked fine with contactless plastic card.

09.04.2018  #11 – Bekkestua Optikk not_ok Ingenico by NETS. No contactless support.
09.04.2018  #10 – Apotek1 Bekkestua ok Ingenico by NETS.


09.04.2018  #9 – Baker Hansen Ullevål Stadion ok Ingenico by NETS.


09.04.2018  #8 – Unattendant POS service at my local doctors office. not_ok Unattendant – unclear contactless support.


09.04.2018  #7 – UnoX Bekkestua, Unattendant Gas Station not_ok Unattendant – no contactless support.


08.04.2018  #6 – Circle K Mosseporten ok atos
08.04.2018  #5 – Europark Bekkestua Senter ok satselixia_parking_thmb


07.04.2018 Bærum Kommune

#4 -“ISI Gjenbrukstasjon”


No contactless payment card reader – but lots of “contactless” icons…

07.04.2018  #3 -Nadderudhallen Ticket ENtry ok izettle
07.04.2018  #2 -Nadderudhallen Kiosk ok izettle
06.04.2018 #1 – 7-Eleven, Henrik Ibsens gate, Oslo ok Ingenico by PayEx


The Journey Begins


I’ve added a special page, filled with nostalgic pictures of different technology events that I have paricipated in. Due to the fact that digital cameras were not very good or reliable back in the days, I’m missing some really old pictures of the Telecom Geneve events, and some Cebit events… The pictures may show up on some CD-ROM’s that probably is stored in a cardbox somewhere…

See my mania-nostagia here…

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton