A month with “watch-payments”

April 2018


Mission: Use my Fitbit Ionic with Fitbit Pay as the primary payment method – for a month.

Each merchant is counted only once (=no duplicates).

Outcome: Gain experience and collect “user journeys” when using “wearables” as payment method.

20 Results:

Positive=11, Negative=9

Date Merchant Result Comment
26.04.2018  #20 – Topup of prepaid card for my workplace restaurant. ok Ingenico


25.04.2018  #19 – DS Louise Restaurant not_ok Verifone VX 680.
No contactless support.louise
25.04.2018  #18 – The local doctors office not_ok Ingenico by NETS – No contactless support.


22.04.2018  #17 – Shell 7-11
ok Ingenico by Payex
20.04.2018  #16 – Esso /
Deli de Luca
not_ok Verifone VX820.
No contactless response – probably som POS terminal issues.
19.04.2018  #15 – Deli de Luca, Holbergs Plass ok Ingenico, OK
15.04.2018  #14 – My local bakery, Samson Bekkestua ok samson
11.04.2018  #13 – My local Taxy company, Asker & Bærum Taxi, by Taxus not_ok Ingenico IPP350. No contactless support.


10.04.2018  #12 – Esso /
Deli de Luca Haslum
not_ok Verifone VX820.

Failed to read watch. Worked fine with contactless plastic card.

09.04.2018  #11 – Bekkestua Optikk not_ok Ingenico by NETS. No contactless support.
09.04.2018  #10 – Apotek1 Bekkestua ok Ingenico by NETS.


09.04.2018  #9 – Baker Hansen Ullevål Stadion ok Ingenico by NETS.


09.04.2018  #8 – Unattendant POS service at my local doctors office. not_ok Unattendant – unclear contactless support.


09.04.2018  #7 – UnoX Bekkestua, Unattendant Gas Station not_ok Unattendant – no contactless support.


08.04.2018  #6 – Circle K Mosseporten ok atos
08.04.2018  #5 – Europark Bekkestua Senter ok satselixia_parking_thmb


07.04.2018 Bærum Kommune

#4 -“ISI Gjenbrukstasjon”


No contactless payment card reader – but lots of “contactless” icons…

07.04.2018  #3 -Nadderudhallen Ticket ENtry ok izettle
07.04.2018  #2 -Nadderudhallen Kiosk ok izettle
06.04.2018 #1 – 7-Eleven, Henrik Ibsens gate, Oslo ok Ingenico by PayEx


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